Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mini Delicious; Biskut Raya & Chocolate untuk tempahan (2011)

Biskut Ulat Bulu
Perdana Nutty Cookies
Parmesan Cheese Cookies

Ice Cream Cookies
Biskut Nestum

Biskut Semolina

Biskut Udang Kering
Biskut Almond London
Tart Gulung Nenas


{ Mini Delicious Dufan Cookies }

RM15/box. =)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cupcakes Bouquet.

Love this! <3

Buns :)

Polo bun
Cream cheese bun

Butter roll and tausa bun
Sausage bun
Cheesy sausage bun
Cheese and sugar

Kursus membuat Aneka Bun, RM180.00/person
Masa dan tarikh anda tentukan (also depends on our availability)
Hubungi kami ;)
*Juga menerima tempahan

Birthday Cake!

Stiff icing

Construction vehicles - themed cupcakes.

Thanx to Zaza for ordering these cuppies. :)

Kursus sepanjang Bulan Jun `11.

Basket wave Cake decorating - Buttercream
Cartoon Character Cupcakes (Baking and decorating class)
Fresh cream yam cake (B&D)

Icecream cookies
Cartoon Character Cupcakes - Angry birds (B&D)
Basket Wave

Barbie Doll Cake (B&D)
Cupcakes and chocolate cookies

Thanks To Everyone Who Participated In our Baking Class. =) We're just getting started. There's more to come ;)